As a community leader in Hong Kong I've presented stand-alone workshops regularly since 2013, as well as at kink conferences and universities. My workshops are very "hands-on", safety orientated, and geared towards both tops and bottoms. Popular workshops I teach are listed below, but I am open to presenting on other topics. References available on request.

   Beginner Friendly Workshops

  • BDSM for Beginners

  • Intro to Impact Play

  • Rope & Bondage Basics

  • Sensation Play: Tease, Tantalize, Torture

    Intermediate / Advanced Workshops

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Intermediate Impact Play

  • Knife Play & Other Mindfuckery

  • Skin Deep: The Art of Play Piercing

  • Electroplay

   All Levels

  • Building BDSM: DIY for Everyone

  • Leathercraft

  • Pet play